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RVM Code Kata (or first installation!)

Another Code Kata for deliberate practice. If you have read the Pragmatic Programmer, consider this part of the recommended skill building advocated in that book. The notion is by practicing required skills over and over, we master those skills. Stands to reason. Personally, I’d rather be “just programming,” or doing math, or surfing or most […]

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Code Kata Fat Model Validating Presence

[Revised July 31, 2011] Code kata is a powerful weapon in your programming arsenal; probably the most powerful weapon in mine. The deliberate practice of programming using the code kata technique acknowledges the truth: “Simple things are hard enough.” In Rails programming, using the Fat Model Skinny Controller paradigm, models occupy a lot of attention […]

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Rails 3.1 and Cucumber: getting started with outside-in testing

Updated February 19, 2012: Entire blog post proof checked and web_steps.rb code removed in favor of custom steps, as advocated by the Cucumber developers. October 7, 2011: Cucumber’s web_steps.rb file is going away. At the moment, this article leverages web_steps.rb, but an update and extension is in the works. In the meantime, you can use […]

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