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Devise users code kata

Devise is pretty spiffy, what with handling authentication 1-2-3. However, you still need to handle the users, and this code kata is exactly what you need. The kata looks about like this: Do the Rails thing Do the Devise thing, install the views, etc. Install cucumber-rails Add session.feature Add session_steps.rb Add a resources :users (or […]

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Driving Rails application front page using Cucumber

I’ve got a scheme underway for driving out web app front pages with Cucumber. It works about like this: Add haml, cucumber-rails to Gemfile, bundle install, etc etc the usual. Don’t forget to rails g cucumber:install Build Scenario Outlines for header and footer nav bars. Each outline has link and target page id. Put this […]

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Rails 3.1 and Cucumber: getting started with outside-in testing

Updated February 19, 2012: Entire blog post proof checked and web_steps.rb code removed in favor of custom steps, as advocated by the Cucumber developers. October 7, 2011: Cucumber’s web_steps.rb file is going away. At the moment, this article leverages web_steps.rb, but an update and extension is in the works. In the meantime, you can use […]

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